Rules & Regulations...




    1. All children MUST wear a cap (I DO HAVE CAPS AND GOGGLES FOR SALE)

    2. Should lessons be missed due to illness, these lessons will not necessarily be able to be made up.

    3. Should lessons be missed because the child is on holiday or at a birthday party, these lessons will NOT be made up

    4. If I should cancel lessons for any reason, I will endeavour to make these lessons up.

    5. I reserve the right to cancel swimming in the event of a storm accompanied by severe lightning, in the interest of safety.

    6. Please let me know by sms if you will not be attending lessons for any reason.

    7. No eating or drinking inside pool building

    8. No cell phone conversations inside pool building

    9. Siblings who are not having lessons are best left behind so you can enjoy watching the lesson

    10. One full month’s written notice or one month’s fee in lieu of notice must be submitted before terminating lessons.